6 Impactful Ways To Recycle & Repurpose Used Clothing

6 simple ways you can give your loved clothes a second life and make a positive impact to the earth.

Many times, we are often left wondering what to do with clothes that no longer fit or have already been worn too many times. Luckily, there are more than enough ways to be mindful and sustainable when cleaning our wardrobes. All you need are some quick and easy ideas to get you started.

Here are 6 simple ways you can give your loved clothes a second life and make a positive impact to the earth.

1. Donate your clothes

Don’t even think about tossing out your old clothes there are so many great benefits to donating your clothes instead. It helps people who can’t afford clothes & It helps the environment.

Passing on your clothes to others means people will be less likely to buy new clothes. This means that the fast-fashion industry won’t need to mass produce copious amounts of clothing, saving the resources used to create new textiles. Did you know, every kilo of recycled clothing saves over 6000 litres of water in reproduction of cotton? If you live in an area that has clothing donation bins and boxes, you literally have no excuse to pass on clothes that you no longer want or need. 

2. Buy locally

Buying locally means that the manufacture and supply chain is drastically cut down. Quite often the maker or seller will be able to tell you how the item has been made and where the materials have been sourced from. Added to that is the fact that you are supporting the local economy, and a business owner who wants to make just as much of a change in the fashion world as you do.

3. Shop vintage & donate to Vintage stores

By shopping vintage and second-hand instead of new, you can help take the pressure off the high street and alleviate the amount of perfectly good clothing that goes to waste after only a few wears.

Value is also retained within the economy rather than lost to landfill through this circular way of doing business. If you have clothes in your wardrobe you don’t wear anymore you should consider to give these items a chance at a second life. Also -  It’s acknowledged that everything comes back into fashion eventually—if being on-trend is important to you, it’s worth keeping an eye on the catwalks and snapping up some key vintage pieces before they hit the high street.

4. Hold a Garage Swap/Sale with Friends & Family

There is no easier way to get rid of your clothing than to hang it up in your yard and stick a price tag on it. What is more fun than inviting your loved ones over for a traditional clothing swap? Have each attendee bring at least 5-10 pieces they no longer wear that are still in good condition! Everyone will walk away with a new wardrobe and feel even more excited for the next time around. If you are selling your items you could also consider to donate the profits made.

5. Restyle your wardrobe

You might feel like you have nothing to wear but a fresh look at what you already own can help you see things in a new light. Try asking friends how they’d pair your garments in different ways, or use magazines and social media for inspiration on new looks.

6. DIY it into something new - get creative!

If you’re in love with your clothes despite their holes and tears and you’re not ready to say goodby you can always patch them up or create a new style out of them! Cut the bottoms of your jeans and add some lace to make shorts in time for warmer weather, or create a hairband out of one of your old t-shirts. Online tutorials or workshops are the easiest way and will give you all the knowledge you need to bring back your most loved items.