What is Streetwear?

Streetwear is a form of fashion, first prominent in the 1990s. Streetwear has developed into a more refined style, becoming more mainstream in the early 21st century. The fashion was first established by Californian surf and skate culture. The style is influenced by elements of hip hop and combines aspects of Japanese street fashion. Since streetwear has been embraced by several popular designer brands such as Givenchy and Gucci. With rappers, athletes, and other celebrities promoting the fashion, sportswear brands have also risen to meet the demand of the growth of streetwear. This has been followed by a new wave of premium and luxury streetwear brands.

Streetwear is popular amongst youth and younger adults with urban style. Comfort is a big component of the style, while still appearing contemporary and trendy. Monochromatic and graphic designs implemented on casual staple pieces are common features in streetwear. As a result of its development, the rise of streetwear has begun to cause a declination in formal wear
and extravagant, fitted pieces.

Streetwear fashion today includes baggy and slouchy clothing, typically inclusive of oversized t-shirts and trousers. In terms of accessories, streetwear is commonly worn with vibrant or matching beanies, baseball caps, socks, sunglasses, belts, and crossbody bags. These are all likely to be tied together by being worn with sneakers or skater like shoes. Altogether, streetwear is a form of expression that allows the idea of wearable art. The fashion and appeal of streetwear are expected to maintain its growth amongst the younger generation.