30 Things to Do During the Quarantine

The quarantine has confined many individuals to their homes. Being stuck at home for long periods of time can cause anxiety and depression. Many of us are feeling stir cray right now. But thankfully, there are many things that we can do to make us feel more normal without leaving the house

1. Exercising. The more that you exercise, the more that you can physically do. Staying stationary on the other hand leads to many negative health effects like high blood pressure, osteoporosis, low energy, and stiff joints. When is better to exercise than when you can’t leave the house?

2. Order Food from Local Restaurants. Even though we can't go out to eat, there are still restaurants open that can deliver some warm and yummy food like Milky Lane in Sydney. You can eat a good meal and support local businesses.

3. Read a Book. There are no downsides to reading. Along with entertainment, books help keep our minds working productively. You can also escape your home through an imaginary world of your choosing.

4. Cooking. Treat yourself! Making a large meal that will last for several servings and tastes delicious will make sure that your food needs are taken care of. It can also raise your mood and cooking while standing lets you take a break from sitting down

5. Video Games. Video games will help to take your mind off of things and makes time pass much quicker. When you get into a game, time flies by and you can play multiplayer games for a chance to spend time with your friends!

6. Draw. Whether you are artistic or not, drawing is a great way to express your feelings and keep your mind occupied. You will find that time flies by when you get sucked into a large project.

7. Video Chat with Your Loved Ones. Don’t miss out on your social connections. If you and a friend or family member both have free time, why not virtually spend time together? You can facetime, skype call, or Facebook call for example.

8. Use a Streaming Service. Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ both have free trials in Australia. Give shows a chance that you would never consider and see if you fall in love.

9. Watch Tutorials. With some extra free time, you can hone your own skills. Watch and learn from professionals in whatever hobby you have wanted to get into but haven’t made that first move.

10. Make Crafts. There are ton of crafts that you can do with just household items. If you just have paper, you can try challenging yourself by making a room, environment, or scene solely out of paper. You can also use cardboard.

11. Board Games. Board games are the traditional stuck-at-home game to play and can bring together the whole family.

12. Use Social Media. Social media can help you feel connected to others and the world despite being stuck inside. Stay in touch with those you can’t see and keep current with news about your family and friends.

13. Clean your Home’s Interior. A clean home can improve your mood as well as make you feel less overwhelmed. Cleaning can also keep the mind busy, keep you moving, and make you feel safer from disease. Wipe surfaces down first then disinfect using CDC recommendations.

14. Watch TV. Many of us pay so much money to have television. Why not get the most out of your money and catch up on your favorite shows?

15. Clean your Basement. Basements are typically forgotten about until the point that they are extremely dirty and cluttered. If this sounds familiar, consider cleaning your basement while you have free time.

16. Clean Your Car. While we don’t have anywhere to go, it is still a good time to clean your car. Pick up trash, wipe down the interior, and add new air fresheners to make your car feel like new.

17. Clean your Drapes and Curtains. When cleaning so many people forget about cleaning their hanging items. Curtains and drapes can accumulate dusts that can hurt your allergies.

18. Train your Dog or Cat. The best time to work on obedience or trick training is when you have time to work at it and focus on the progress you are making. There are plenty of obedience training videos on Youtube that can help you out.

19. Paint. Paint can be fun and expressive. Paint a professional portrait or just splatter colors on paper if you want to. Art is flexible and practice makes perfect.

20. Make a Budget. A good way to make yourself feel secure right now is to make some sort of plan to control your cash flow and come up with how to pay for unexpected expenses ahead of time.

21. Walk. Get Vitamin D and fresh air to avoid going stir crazy.

22. Write a Book. Some people are prone to procrastination and being stuck inside can actually be a good thing to stir up creativity.

23. Write Poetry. Poetry can be a great way to express your feelings and pass some time. Try publishing your poetry so your friends and family can see and comment.

24. Try a New Medium. If you are an artist, try to create things using a medium that you have never tried. If you have never tried painting, give it a go!

25. Come up with your Own Language. This may sound silly but if you have a neighbor that lives just across the way that you can no longer talk to in person, try creating hand symbols to mimic speech. It can be a game that you play, or a secret language shared between friends.

26. Work on Homework. I’ve seen a surprising amount of procrastination while having nothing to do but homework. If you still have college or high school work, try and manage your time well.

27. Put on a Puppet Show. This can be a great project for those with small kids. Have the kids make puppets out of anything you have laying around and they can put on a puppet show for you. It is a great family activity and will distract your children for a while.

28. Put Together a Photo Album or Scrapbook. If you have tons of photos laying around of your family, put them to good use. Make books full of memories that will last years after the quarantine ends.

29. Garden. Trimming dead petals and planting new plants can be a great way to relieve stress. You can also plant herbs like cilantro that you can use later in the kitchen to go along with a kitchen hobby.

30. Sew. Hospitals have been asking for donations of fabric medical masks due to mask shortages. Help your community and pass time at the same time. Follow the instructions from Vanderbilt University to create medically safe masks.


Have fun

There are a ton of ways to be productive or have fun during the quarantine. There are even ways to pass time while also giving back to your community. You just have to know where to look!