A new eye for the new decade - Logo Social clothing introduces a new vision

A new eye for the new decade - Logo Social clothing introduces a new vision

Keeping an eye for the new trends, novelties and news that the fashion industry introduces every day is a continuous process for all those who want to keep up with the fashion business. Especially for the streetwear brands and fashion, this is a never-ending job that certainly pays up high on the fashion and social level. 2020 is the year of new beginnings and many see it as a perfect opportunity to take a step back, reflect on what was achieved so far and make new plans for the upcoming time. In that manner, we at Logo Social Clothing decided that this was the right time to change the brands’ most significant and signature mark – our logo. And what would tell the story best than the new eye for the new decade?

Logos are a big part of fashion and they have been present in the fashion market for a long time. Sometimes inspired by cultural, social or political issues and movements, the logo has found its way into fashion as a symbol of expression. Today, Logo Social Clothing is taking the logo to the next level. We are redesigning our signature mark so that it can speak to our consumers and share our vision of the brand. While doing that, we are keeping an eye for the new trends as well as bring the streetwear, art and the music community together. Many would argue that this is a bold step, but this is exactly what our brand and logo stand for – a new vision for the new decade.

The new logo itself has a deep meaning for fashion and culture too. On the first look, you will see an eye which symbolises the new look and approach we are taking for our brand. Another noticeable thing that connects the fashion to our culture is the Sydney bin bird design – the totem for modern Australia.

The first drop of the newly rebranded line features 4 different T-shirts. Three of them come with a big white new logo on the chest on a yellow, grey and purple base, while the fourth one comes with a neon green logo on a black base. This new line will be expanded into more colours and a variety of products. Our new goal is to make these garments available to the customers in a shorter time which means that we intend to release them more frequently. Alongside this, the price will be affordable to everyone and the manufacturing is done in-house using the fabrics, colours, materials, and designs of the highest quality.

We are more than excited to start the new decade with a new and polished look and we are eager to hear your thoughts about it. We believe that our vision of the new streetwear vibe will soon become your vision too.

Welcome to the new era of Logo Social Clothing!