Logo Social Celebrates the Birth of Creative Expression

Logo Social celebrates its first year as a top-notch producer of artistic, creative clothing.

Launching a business in any industry is a difficult undertaking, but Logo Social started with a mission to be different from all the other clothing manufacturers on the market. This brand celebrates freedom of expression, artistic style, and cultural acceptance. They launched their business in December of 2018 and have continued to grow stronger every day.

The core idea for this clothing line started out as a way of incorporating social media and advertising for the local artist community. Rather than using social media to promote the artists’ work, the work itself became wearable art that can be shared with the world, and not just through social media.

The main foundational base is bringing art, culture, and music together to create a brand that embodies everything the company believes in. It becomes their identity to the world and speaks to everyone in a way that crosses language barriers to unite people in a common cause. Their motto is “We salute art, we celebrate culture, we print clothing!”

Their creative style includes oversize printed T-shirts, Hoodies, bucket hats, tote bags, and earrings. Support the arts, support your community, and be social. Besides charitable donations, the company also promotes local musicians through their social sounds program.

Creating a line of clothing that would appeal to Sydney’s young generation created the foundation for the company’s mission to help the artistic community. Logo Social is quickly becoming a leader for the cause by promoting artistic expression and individuality across every platform and encouraging everyone to “support the arts.” A unique selling point is that they only print 30 copies of every design to keep up with the standards of originality and uniqueness.

As a way of giving back to the community and keeping with their mission, the company has announced that as a way of celebrating their first anniversary, they will donate a portion of their sales to the Sydney Children’s Hospital art program.

The art program has a similar philosophy in “Art Celebrating Life” and strives to provide the best possible care for the children of Sydney. Many of the children who come for treatment have anxiety about the hospital experience, and the art program helps relieve some of the stress and anxiety they experience, making their stay more comfortable and pleasant.