Wear? Magazine interviews Logo Social

A cross-culture brand from it’s earliest beginnings, Logo Social was formed through a frustration towards the education system.

“I’m originally from the UK, I’ve been a fan of independent street brands and edgy London designs since a young age. Something I’ve brought to Australia for the first time.

“It was difficult for me to find creative opportunities without studying because of the vast amount of highly qualified people in the field. As I’ve got older I’ve realised you can create your own opportunities without the education system.”

Coming from the UK, Jermaine Jones, the brand’s founder, had an edge in the Australian scene due to this background difference.

Logo Social was the product of this unique standpoint.


“So our name has a split meaning. The ‘Social’ part is due to the fact we search for a lot of our creatives through social media.

“The ‘Logo’ is pretty simple, we needed a logo, that’s it! Yet, the eye in our logo pays homage to how we always look for new ideas, environments and trends.”

With the name nailed, the brand was ready.

Designed through frustration, the label aimed to produce the cool graphic tees Jones couldn’t find in streetwear.

Logo Social acts as a way to connect art, fashion, music and culture whilst providing other creatives with a community of like minded people.


“I noticed so many people like me struggle to get into the creativity industry, this brand is the platform that people have been waiting for.

“To this day, everything is created by friends and friends of friends. Plus, we continue to use social media to find new creative people to join our community.”

The family Logo Social have created runs deep, from consumers to creators, the label acts as a hub for many people.

All areas, whether it’s fashion, art, music or another avenue, act as a symbol of expression, freedom and togetherness.


And this togetherness has come through thick and thin. The challenege of Covid-19 pushed the brand into using their blog as a means to connect.

Logo Social

“The lockdown has been hard for us and our friends but as a brand we’ve tried to change this negative situation into a positive.

“So far we’ve used this down time to rebuild our website, switch to biodegradable packaging, recycle old stock to reduce landfill, source higher quality textiles, designing our next collection, becoming more sustainable and so much more.”

This awareness is something Logo Social have embedded into their brand. The blog is the perfect outlet to portray this.

“The blog increases the brand’s global awareness, letting people know that you don’t have to study for years and get in huge amounts of student debt to make it in the creative industry.”

It can be very difficult for artist’s to gain creative freedom without someone or something taking teaching them the course, making it immensely hard to create without an education.

Yet, as Logo Social set out to, the brand has become a community to help correct this. A place to help others create freely whilst giving them guidance and a model to work from.

Jermaine Jones, on behalf of Logo Social, speaking to Wear? Magazine.