7 Best Graphic T-Shirt Streetwear Brands You Need To Know

7 Best Graphic T-Shirt Streetwear Brands You Need To Know

It’s been long since streetwear has been an alternate term for luxury as well as comfort. It’s the perfect combination of fineness and class mixed with authentic street fashion. Here are the seven hottest brands that you can try if you are in love with streetwear.

1. Off-White

The brand was launched in 2013, and since then it has become the ultimate choice for streetwear. The brand gets its popularity from the famous celebs like Kanye West as well as Travis Scott. Famous designs mostly revolve around prominent X marks, arrows, and iconic patterns.

2. Cactus Plant Flea Market

The owner of the CPFM, Lu, has a unique way of seeing the world and fashion. This unique point of view shows the brand’s manufacturing as well. They produce everything from hoodies to t-shirt, all with a very bold and prominent lettering as well as huge, eye-catching embroidery. These hallucinogenic and unusual graphics appeal to the young generation more than the traditionalists.  Many famous names have supported the brand by following their fashion, such as A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, and Skateboard P.

3. 424


Launched in 2010 by “Guillermo Andrade,” 424 is one of the most loved and bought streetwear fashion brand. The brand is mostly known for its unique graphic T-shirts, sneakers as well as hoodies. The sneakers of Andrade are the most talked because of their innovative designs.

4. Golf


Golf is most known for its vibrant colours, unique cat logos as well as controversial graphics. Founded by Tyler, the brand is as unusual as all the street fashion is. The lively colours, as well as the playful graphics that were the face of Golf, have matured with time into cool and subtle fashion without losing its old essence.

5. Carhartt WIP


“Carhartt’s that is mostly known as WIP is cool that started in 1989 in Europe and came to America in 2011. The brand offers a contemporary take on Carhartt’s workwear traditional styles that were the face of the brand in the 1800s.

6. Awake NY

Awake is a New York-based label that was launched by Angelo Baque. The brand manufactures pieces that express the cultural diversity of New York. It’s a mix of playful letters, to simple logos to sports inspired t-shirts. Most recently their line included the most influential and iconic women like Frida Kahlo and the former First Lady Michelle Obama

7. John Elliot 


Among the many brands that have the same take on streetwear; John Elliot is one brand that doesn’t follow the usual trends. Their take on hoodies and sweats are inspired by heavy streetwear. Take the famous hoodie by the name of “Villain” produced by the brand. It’s one of the most popular designs among the comfort-loving generation. Even their sweatpants are tailored to make them look luxurious and not like usual sloppy pyjamas.

Streetwear has made quite a name in the fashion industry, so much so that many brands have launched their catalogs with a line of streetwear fashion.


By Jermaine Jones - Logo Social