Logo Social and Aisle6ix Create Live Art with the Children of Sydney Children’s Hospital

Logo Social and Aisle6ix Industries held a 2-day workshop for the kids at Sydney Children’s Hospital as part of their art program. The kids learned how the screens are printed and got to design some shirts of their own.

Logo Social Clothing & Aisle6ix Industries create wearable art designed by local artists. The company is built on the idea of being unique and pushing the boundaries of culture and art. Together with Aisle6ix Industries, a Sydney screen printing company, they held a 2-day workshop to teach the children of Sydney Children’s Hospital how to design and make their own brand of wearable art.

Sydney Children’s Hospital promotes art as a healing tool for kids undergoing treatment for long-term illnesses. The focus of this organization is on paediatric research and helping Sydney’s children live happier healthier lives. Their hospital-based art program promotes creative expression as a way to relieve the stress and anxiety children experience in hospital settings and helps with recovery.

The Workshop - Day 1

The kids were excited and ready to get started as the workshop commenced on the first day. They would be creating their own designs to be printed on a T-shirt they could wear to show their style and artistic creativity. They drew pictures of their favorite cartoon characters and superheroes on tissue paper to be printed on Day 2.

The kids worked on their drawings and talked about the characters they chose with the rest of the art class. They had a great time working and learning together.

Shannon, one of the screen printers from Aisle6ix, took the children’s drawings back to his studio where they were scanned and uploaded to his computer. The images were then transferred onto individual printing screens to be used the next day for printing. Aisle6ix produces Logo Social’s clothing line of wearable art.

The Workshop - Day 2

On Day 2, Shannon brought in the screens that he had prepared in the studio along with paint, a heater, and some blank T-shirts.

He showed the class how the ink gets transferred from the drawing to the fabric of the T-shirt through the lines of the children’s artwork.

The kids watched the first few times, and after a few practice runs, they decided they were ready to see their artwork come to life. One by one, they proudly stepped forward to create their own uniquely-designed T-shirts. They were excited and thrilled to see something they made themselves displayed across the front of their very own T-shirts.

Pouring a small mouth of paint on to the screen which was placed over the t-shirt and spreading the paint across the screen towards them. The lifted up the screen dried using the heater and revealed the finished Product.

The printing process involves pouring a small amount of paint or ink onto the screen which is placed over the shirt and then spread across the screen towards the end. The screen is then dried with the help of the heater. The hospital staff and children created some amazing artwork that they could proudly display to the world.

The hospital art program not only lets children be creative by offering them an outlet for boredom, but at the same time it takes their minds off their illness and what is going on around them. The T-shirt Workshop was a great success with another workshop planned for 2020.