The Link Between Skate Culture _ Streetwear

What was once known as just skatewear has evolved into a fashion craze. From oversized
t-shirts to staple hoodies, skate culture has hugely influenced streetwear seen in Sydney and
Melbourne today.

Skateboarding was first introduced around the 1950s. It is suggested that surfers in California
fancied the idea of pavement surfing, alas the rage developed. It wasn’t until the 1990s to the
2000s where skate culture became more mainstream. As a result of this, the trend was adopted
globally and a part of Australian teen culture was born.
Skate culture turned streetwear is often made up of slouchy or oversized clothing. Originally, the
desire for roomy apparel in skatewear rooted in the idea that skateboarding is a sport, and the
need for movement. This type of apparel would allow for fast-paced activity and prevent injury
while still maintaining the skater facade. With this today, it allows a new level of comfort while
deemed appropriate to wear with today’s streetwear fashion. Where previously, wearing
sweatpants and slouchy trousers may have been frowned upon worn in the streets of Australia.

The streetwear has been embraced countless amounts of times by rappers, celebrities and
high-end fashion designers, further contributing to the popularity. Additionally, the nostalgia is
just an added aspect to the growth of streetwear. For many Australians, skateboarding in the
parks of Sydney and Melbourne was once a common pastime in their teens. The evolved
streetwear gives this generation the opportunity to relive a similar fashion to their teen years.
These individuals are likely to be in a time where they have more to spend on the apparel,
feeding into their teen obsession.