Why is Sydney and Melbourne Fashion so different?

With the never-ending debate on whether Sydney or Melbourne is the fashion capital of
Australia, perhaps the question in focus should be why fashion in Sydney and Melbourne are so
different? What sets the two apart from each other?
The first aspect that may come to mind when considering the difference in fashion is the
influence of climate on the fashion in each city. It is widely known that Melbourne often features
unpredictable weather. Whereas Sydney is all about the sea breeze affected climate, with
usually more predictable weather days. This gives those who live in Sydney a bit of reassurance
when it comes to their fashion picks of the day, often seen wearing more freeing, vibrant pieces.
Adversely (and particularly in the colder months), Melbourne fashion frequently implements the
use of layers with monochromatic colours. This is one reason as to why the fashion differs in
each state.

The two cities also appear to have distinctive colour palettes, generally influenced by the
environment and other external factors. For Sydney, this means the vibrant colours are more
notable because of the surrounding areas of beaches, and the culture associated around them.
There is more of a liberated style reflected on Sydney’s fashion. With regards to Melbourne, city
life and business districts may be more apparent. In which, the use of minimal and
monochromatic tones are more applicable. Such an environment also emits the idea of being
more dressed up, where individuals would gravitate more towards less casual options.
Finally, both Sydney and Melbourne have their own appeals for fashion. There are a number of
differences, primarily rooting from climate, environment and accessibility.