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Founder/owner of Logo Social original from the United Kingdom now based in Sydney. With passion for music, art and fashion he made the decision in late 2018 to combine these loves under one name. Aiming to create a walking art gallery while making art more assemble to the popular culture.

With a universal language for music, Jermaine Jones has left his home county of Northamptonshire and introduced Australian shores to his multifaceted array of underground hues. Taking electronica and a string of minimal and melodic vibes, while fusing the occasional african vocal- his selection is on point. The now Sydney residing DJ from the UK, is serving up music with an experience every time he plays, prising the art of mixing records and creating damn-fine times on the dance floor.

His goal is simple combine his 3 loves Music, art & fashion together under one unique title aka Logo Social.

Instagram : @jermaine8

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