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Josie Bober


IG: @Josie_bober


Hey, I’m Josie.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had this undying urge to express myself, in any way possible. I would draw my favourite cartoon characters for hours and hours, until I got them right. To this day, that urge is every bit as strong.

I float in the gorgeous limbo that is art and design, approaching my work with the mind of an artist and the application of a designer, going in with a non-linear approach from wire sculpture, to charcoal, and ink, then scanning and playing around with my results on the computer – then pushing my work as far as I can digitally – call it pixel recycling.

I focus on creating abstracted human forms that mirror the moments in between, the thoughts, feelings, the good, the bad and the ugly. I create each form from a singular line, that follows my train of thought. I work intuitively, and I love the element of chance. I’m inspired by designers like David Carson, Paula Scher and Jonathan Zawada.

When I’m not designing, I love to go thrift shopping, play with my beautiful Birman cats Marcy and Peppy, take photos with my film camera, and work on my blog, The Dame of Design. I have a passion for connecting with and creating connection within the design community, especially young designers such as myself, and my blog was the perfect junction for my passion.

A lot of my work has been for music producers, such as designing vinyl stamps, and graphics for monthly music events, and I really enjoy visualising what sound feels like.


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