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Michael Piper

An Australian-based graphic designer/ illustrator residing in the sunny Northern Beaches of Sydney. Working for both national and international brands, rest easy as he takes on the entire process of concept, design and execution of quality visual content.

Growing up with strong influences and ties to the surf/ skate and music culture provides insights he commonly reflects through his work. An array of Vibrant colours, bold crisp lines, attention to detail and far out concepts have become the cornerstone of the iconic vector art style his widely known for under his art alias Digital Oatmeal.

Since embarking on the journey as a freelancer back in late 2013, he has steadily created opportunities to work for a wide range of clientele. His multi-disciplined design background has attracted the attention of musicians and apparel brands, surfboard and skateboard companies, entrepreneurs of small business and talent scouts in big corporations. Forever expanding his expertise he overcomes a wide range of design solutions, consistently performing well above the clients' needs and expectations.

With a relentless thirst to create while simultaneously filling out his loyalty coffee card, he strives to deliver out of the box thinking while keeping relevant to the ever-changing trends of today.

If you don't find him behind the screen you will likely catch him reeling in a beast of the deep, crouched down in the green room, waist deep in some fresh powder or knocking back a few beers with friends after a brutal Australian summer skate.

instagram : @digital_oatmeal

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