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Our Story

Logo Social is built on freedom. 

We are a clothing label, but our vision is about so much more than just being a brand. We see a world where people push boundaries and culture every day. 

When you – our friends –  wear our clothing, you are part of an inclusive, unique and diverse community. One that celebrates the importance of freedom of expression.

Our designs are all creatively crafted by talented artists. Passionately printed by skilled artisans. Proudly worn by you. 

And while our artist pool may know no boundaries, our screen printers know local is best. Each item is hand-printed with love by Aisle Industries in Sydney

Our clothing is only ever printed 30 times because keeping it unique is important to us.

We salute art, we celebrate culture, we print clothing. 

Profit Donation 

We donate profits to Sydney's children's hospital art program, which uses art as a healing tool. In a sometimes stressful environment, the arts can benefit patients by aiding in their physical, mental, and emotional recovery. Helping to relieve anxiety and decreasing their perception of pain. The arts can also serve as a therapeutic tool, reducing stress and loneliness and providing powerful opportunities for self-expression. The art programs philosophy is “Art Celebrating Life” and ensuring that every child receives the best possible care and treatment. We believe in keeping our young patients positive and engaged so that their stay in the Hospital is a more pleasant and comfortable experience.

We are social.


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