15 best Australian Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

15 best Australian Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Every time one opens their Instagram, they see it littered with influencers. Everyone everywhere is becoming one. The internet is bombarded with influencers and fashion bloggers left, right and centre.

More than anything else, Instagram is filled with bloggers of all kind, reviewing products, restaurants, businesses and services for their followers. The influencer race is a very competitive one. Each claim to have found the perfect way of curling the hair without heat or the best-covering foundation or the easiest way to lighten the skin or the best place you can buy pop culture t-shirts.

The blogging field has become so saturated that it’s hard to find genuine people to follow. To make things simpler and easier, here is a list of “must follow” Australian Fashion Bloggers. These influencers will make your life easier with their unlimited experience and expertise.

1. Amanda Shadforth aka Oracle Fox:


With as many as 787,000 followers, Amanda is the perfect combination of beauty and brains. She also runs the famous as well as successful website by the name of Oracle Fox. Not only that, but she also runs two successful Instagram handles as well.  Her blogs are full of recent fashion trends as well as travel experiences. Following her will give you an insight about which bag to carry and what outfit to wear.

2. Zanita Whittington - 346,000 followers


Zanita Whittington has around 346,000 followers. She has also named herself the ‘Worldwide Lady Boss’. By profession, she is a brilliant photographer as well as a fashion influencer. The perfect combo gives her an advantage over all other influencers. She loves vintage and over seized ink shirts. Her Insta posts are all about fashion and brilliant photography.

3. Sara Donaldson Crampton aka Harper and Harley:


Sara has 558,000 followers, and the count increases every day. She belongs to Queensland and has been running her blogging successful for years. Her internet journey started when she was only 19. Harper and Harley was her most initial page. Sara loves monochrome, and you can see her love of all things matching in her Instagram profile. She is the one you should look up to if you are looking for monochrome inspiration. She was also in the list of influential blogger of Aussie reality series Fashion Bloggers TV in 2014. She has done collaborations with Tony Bianco, Gucci, Harper’s Bazaar as well as David Jones.

4. Nadia Fairfax:


With 186,000 followers Nadia is famous for her fashion website, Fairfax Journal. She is a professional style journalist. She specialises in putting together artistic outfits as well as brilliant editorial images. She is known as the most elite and high-end bloggers of Australia.  Her work can’t be ignored, especially when she is the one working with big shots like Camilla and Marc and Bec & Bridge.



5. Twice Blessed aka Bec and Marissa Karagiorgos:


The Karagiorgos twins run a perfectly co-ordinated Instagram handle by the name of twice blessed, and they have as many as 139,000 followers. Among the fashion bloggers of Melbourne, these two sisters are very well known and much loved as well. Their Instagram will show you the love of minimalism, monochrome as well as effortless fashion. If you are looking it inspiration on how to dress your vintage tees, you should definitely have their account in your list

6. Jess Dempsey:


The founder if “What Would Karl Do” Jess Dempsey has more than 51,900 followers on her Instagram handle. Her Instagram is lovingly dedicated to the late Karl Lagerfeld of the channel powerhouse. She isn’t shy to show off her mommy fashion along with her three sons. Her Instagram is full of fashionable snaps of herself as well as her three sons in tow. Her love of channel is apparent in all her shots.

7.Brooke Testoni:


With 137,000 followers Brooke is the co-founder of fashion blog Maiden Sydney. Her blogs will inspire you to buy all the monochrome fashion as well as nude stuff. She is also the most loved and highly appreciated Sydney fashion bloggers from Australia.

8. Jessica Stein aka Tuula Vintage


Jessica has a whopping number of followers that are around 2.5 million. She started her site in 2010 by the name of Tuula Vintage. Her website was her idea to share all her travel experience with her family and friends. But it wasn’t long before she started gaining readers who loved her style and love for traveling. She is among the most loved blogger not only in Australia but around the world as well.

Her blog has grown in experience since she has had her daughter Rumi.  Her Instagram post is about fashion, travel as well as raising awareness about rare genetic that her daughter suffers from.

9.Carmen Grace Hamilton aka Chronicles of Her:


Her two Instagram handles have around 334,300 followers, making Carmen a highly loved fashion blogger. She is highly known for her innovative styles, love for unique colour tones as well as profound knowledge of designing. Channel is her favourite brand among the others. She loved red lipstick and matching trouser suits.

10. Margaret Zhang:


Margaret has over 1 million followers and rightly so since she is a complete package of a photographer, writer, stylist, model, as well as a beauty blogger. Her bay is the blog Shine by Three. Her work has been loved and appreciated by L’Officiel and Harper’s BAZAAR when they officially hired her for collaborations. She has also worked with Swarovski, Clinique as well as Louis Vuitton. Her creativity has been par excellence. Her fashion is known for its unique and unusual styling.

11. Ashley Richardson:


Ashley was born and brought up in Melbourne. Her blog is by the name of This is Ashley Rose. It’s all about fitting runway styles into a curvy body. Her blogs show the love for plus-size women and the fashion that revolves around them. She is the most sought after person in Australia for inspiration for plus-size fashion.

12. Kate Waterhouse:


Kate Waterhouse is also an all-rounder when it comes to blogging. She isn’t only a journalist but also a media person as well as a famous TV presenter. If this isn’t all, she is also well known for her fashion and style blogs. She runs her own site by the name of “Kate Waterhouse” is full to the brim with style and fashion tips and well as trendy lifestyle tips.


13. Micah Gianneli:



Micah Gianneli has a background in fashion designing, and she started her career as a freelance. She used to freelance as a stylish and soon after she started her blog that was appreciated by her followers. She started documenting her fashion and styling in 2011 and ever since then, she has been unstoppable. Her go-to styles include luxury wear as well as street wear. You can surely learn how to style your graphic tee shirt from her blog.

14. Talisa Sutton:


Talisa is a creative director as well as a graphic designer. Her effortless styling can show you a thing or two about styling your favourite graphic tees for women. Her blogs are inspirational as well as a treat to watch. Her take on fashion is both fresh and minimal.

15. Nicole Warne:


Nicole Warne has her site by the name of “Gary Pepper Girl”, and she is one of the most recognisable bloggers of Australia as well as a leading influencer in the digital field of the world. Fashion and travel are the strong parts of her blogs.