What is a Hypebeast?

Have you come across the term hype beast? What exactly defines one?
According to, “A hypebeast is a mostly derogatory slang word for someone,
usually a man, who follows trends in fashion, particularly streetwear, for the purpose of making
a social statement”. (, n.d)
Simply put, a hype beast is someone who has a collection of expensive, trendy apparel.

A hype beast is associated with a luxurious lifestyle. They are also typically drawn to other luxury items,
like expensive cars. This is applicable even if the person is not well off.
The clothing that a hype beast collects are expensive, where money would not be in question.
Usually, they would source their collection from a premium streetwear brand, such as Supreme,
Yeezy, or Stüssy. The style is made up of common streetwear trends, incorporating
monochromatic tones, pops of colour, and graphic prints. In conjunction with this style, a hype
beasts pure intention is to impress others with their style and have a wealthy facade.

Hype beasts are perceived differently to each individual. Often, people reprimand hype beasts
for not having style, and relying on the expensive nature of their apparel to gain appeal. Though
this varies person to person, the hype beast trend seems to be increasing.
At the end of the day, everyone is free to their own style and expression of fashion. Style is not
a one size fits all.